Ronnie Overly kicks up a stench in You’re the Worst’s ‘The Only Thing That Helps’

Gather round the campfire and we’ll learn the true story of Brick. Turns out it was in our hearts all along.

Sometimes you don’t get closure, things get left unsaid. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s their, that doesn’t really matter when they’re gone. Just that you didn’t get chance to say anything.

Sometimes you get a second chance, like Jimmy does, by being given the opportunity [read: instruction] to host his father’s funeral, but even though he grants his father his final wishes, it doesn’t feel particularly cathartic. We’ll circle back once we cover the other stories briefly.

Edgar’s trying to get his pot card but the VA won’t allow him because of it being an illegal substance in the US, even though it’s legal in California. I won’t say anything about the debate of legal/illegal regarding pot, but this is a damning statement of American jingoism and patriotism in my eyes – the idea that to some, service to your country should be held in higher regard that your own well being. Also that someone has opportunities to get the card in other ways and that’s the best option for many.

In the Paul/Lindsay household, they appear to have found the sweet spot for their relationship…

Well Lindsay has now she gets to have sex with other people. Paul’s not so pleased with how he’s getting benched each time the Jillian team goes to the mound, but it’s no surprise that he’d be willing to grin and bear it for the family after how messed up their relationship has been thus far.

Finally You’re the Worst Ben Folds > Community Ben Folds. Admittedly he gets more than five seconds to leave an impression here, but he also doesn’t outstay the joke’s lifespan. If he showed up in the remainder of the season every now and again, that’d be fine, especially if he can provide dietetic music gags with the piano that’s forever within reach.

These stories don’t take up much of the running time, but they do pull focus away from Jimmy’s. They all converge by the time we reach Jimmy’s funeral which works to place him as the character in the spotlight for what follows. The funeral is typical You’re the Worst considering this is anything but a subdued sorrow filled affair. Ronnie’s written his own [false] eulogy which explains Jimmy’s more narcissistic tendencies and in response he brings the heckles out. Back at the end of episode 4, the drawer with his dad’s things was open, an overt metaphor to show how things can’t just be buried inside from that point forward so it was expected it would all come to the surface when given the chance.

Which brings us to Jimmy outside Tony Shalhoub’s house to fulfill his father’s preemptive dying wish and scatter the ashes on the actor’s land. Chris Geere got the opportunity to great work back at home during the funeral, but here he’s given the chance to get mournful. He kicks the ashes over the fence and heads off, some of the ash falls onto him. As much as Jimmy wants, he can’t just forget about it, his father’s always going to have an impact on his life. It’s not wholly cathartic, part of this seems intended, part of this could stem from the episode not being a full showcase on Jimmy. It’s counteracted by the rest of the episode ensuring that it delivers on laughs, just what if the episode had given Jimmy a chance to say a little more?

Thing I couldn’t figure out how to work into the main review:

  • Poor Vernon. This requires no explanation
  • Of course Paul is the kind of guy that would a fedora.
  • That cold open is an accurate depiction of writing. Minus the adding your own webbing to the pin board conspiracy web you’ve set up to track plot lines.
  • I really hope that Jimmy’s book gets released in full somehow between this point and the start of the next season.
  • The comedy with the box at the start of Act One is ridiculously simple, but incredibly effective.

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