You’re the Worst takes baby steps towards heartbreak in ‘Try Real Hard’

Flushed meds, stabbed side, unwashed legs. Sounds like a prison drama checklist.

Should there ever come a point in the future where people debate who was the worst, akin to Community‘s class on Who’s the Boss, then the Season 3 opener will be an example for Lindsay being worthy of that title. She stabbed a guy for Christ’s sake. Falk and his team were able to find something even more shocking than her inseminating herself with a turkey baster. And the scene is played exquisitely, the monotony of Paul’s dialogue is slowly taken over by the aggressive chopping as the camera pushes in on each element of the scene: Paul, the knife, the phone and Lindsay, the kitchen starts to become claustrophobic to her (and us now we’re close enough to be in her head space) and just as she reaches her breaking point. A turn, stab and push, then a turn back. It’s not gratuitously violent, nor is it an event that doesn’t register on the radar. It begs the question of whether Lindsay could have killed Paul if her anger had stayed pent up any longer. The music that played over the final close-up and credits would suggest that it’s better now she’s done something about her emotion, but pregnancy takes a while to come to fruition and now they’re both in it for the long haul.

It’s a far cry from Edgar’s preparation of Jimmy’s breakfast which serves to indicate that the show is setting up tragedy early this season. Edgar’s PTSD is a concept that’s been mentioned, but never fully developed. Even so, it’s tough to see him toss the pills, thinking they’re what’s holding him back over him not having fully acclimatized to civilian life and whatever tragedy happened when they told him it was a school overseas. That said, it’s positive to see the show is going to be deal with the trauma like Gretchen’s depression.

And we learnt a lot about Gretchen. She speaks Spanish; she’s generally spiritual and doesn’t wash her legs every time she showers. She’s also going to start seeing a therapist next week. Like I said baby steps, the arcs are in motion. But she and Jimmy now live in a post ‘I Love You’ world and despite the attempts to keep the relationship the same (the opening scene brings back memories of watching the first episode and lurching to turn down the volume when things got heated quickly, which seems to be a recurrent theme with the ‘Comedy in Theory’ crowd after Love and Master of None), they became embroiled in a game of words as Jimmy was hesitant to truly admit it while sober. It’s a standard A-plot from sitcom, but when it leads to discussions about leg washing and mutual orgasm, the atypical sitcom can’t really compete.

It’s a retread of the classic You’re the Worst relationship, but it’s worth it for that scene outside the Spanish church where Jimmy admitted he loved her. It didn’t help that we found out this week, when Caroline Framke visited the set of the show, Chris Geere said (with a blooming smile)

“I think he’s loved her ever since he saw her at the wedding in the pilot. Because pit bulls, you know?”

It adds so much to the scene and Geere’s performance in retrospect, that the Jimmy of yore was aware he had such deep feelings for Gretch, but couldn’t be the first one to say it and remember saying it in case she didn’t reciprocate. The irony being that she reciprocated and Jimmy didn’t expect that.

A drunk mind speaks a sober tongue.



Source for the Geere quote. 


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